Welcome to Donato Decor

Hey there! I’m Michaela, the designer behind Donato Decor. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! I know how powerful a contributor decor is to the levels of satisfaction in our lives, which is why I’ve made it my job to help busy professionals create happy homes so that they can live in a functional space that works for their lifestyle and boosts their positivity. Each time I walk through a client’s front door, I feel so lucky because I am given the opportunity to remind someone of their home’s potential and illustrate to them how special their space can be. I would love to inspire you to create a happier, prettier, and more conscious home…the home your soul needs!

I started this business venture shortly after I graduated from the Fashion Communication program at Ryerson University; I was finding myself decorating and redecorating my own house over and over to get away from everyday stresses. I soon realized there was a limited number of positions I could put my sofa in, so I thought, maybe I could take my passion for decorating and use it to help others decorate their homes! Turning this into a career has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I know how powerful a perfectly decorated and curated home can be and having the ability to help others achieve their decor dreams is so rewarding! I like to design with a few key ideas in mind: 


1. Life is Hectic

​None of us have time or energy to keep our home looking magazine-worthy seven days a week. That's why I create livable spaces that can withstand the craziness of everyday living and function for your lifestyle in specific.


2. We all Wanna be Happy


I'm all about making your house into the home of your dreams; somewhere that makes you smile when you walk through the door, somewhere you never want to leave!  I have a background in the psychology of decor and I use this knowledge to amplify the happiness in your home.

3. Let's be Conscious

Through creating my own business I have come to see the importance of supporting small but mighty businesses and buying responsibly. I buy as many locally sourced products as possible and am very mindful of the footprint each purchase will leave behind.


Since starting my business, I’ve been lucky enough to be recognized by the Orangeville Business Centre as a start-up and awarded funding for my work and business proposal on the psychology of decor and happiness in interior design. I literally cried when I got the initial call, I was so honoured and excited!


A Note on My Logo

Don’t get me wrong- I love having a perfectly made bed and floors you can eat off, but I know maintaining this standard is not always achievable. This imperfect circle has been a lifelong symbol to me that not everything has to be perfect. My designs need to be livable and functional above all else. I'm always striving to learn how to plan for the unexpected and even embrace it - though I will admit that it's an ongoing practice. We all need to take steps to focus on happiness, instead of perfection, because this is where true satisfaction is found.

 A Little About Me!


As you know, I’m a decorator but apart from interior design, I love to ski (snow or water!), cook and entertain! I'm also making the transition to totally clean living so any tips you have, send my way! Everyone I know calls me Mic, and they know me for always having my nerdy day planner on me and getting lucky with a crazy good deal- it drives my sister nuts- and my tiny Mini Cooper! Most nights you can find me in the kitchen with a glass of red wine or a sour beer, a comfy pair of linen lounge pants and furry slippers! I love trying new recipes especially when they involve seafood or cheese. I try to do my part in this world by living and consuming consciously, as well as spreading awareness about physical disabilities- my dad was paralyzed in an accident when I was 12 and I know how life-changing these things are, and also how hard they are to understand if you're not living them! This experience also gave me some insight into an accessible home design. I’m also super passionate about self-help and fostering happiness in simple ways (kinda obsessed actually), so when I go about my day-to-day I’m probably listening to a self-help oriented podcast, Happier with Gretchen Rubin is my current fave!

If you're dying to hear more, here are five things you may not know about me:

1. I'm the older of two sisters. My younger sister Maelle is more of the science type, which proved difficult sometimes- imagine trying to justify your choice to go to fashion school in a family where your sister has been talking about vet school since birth!

2. I LOVE OLIVES...I could literally live off of them. Simple as that.

3. My family and I travelled to Spain for 2 months when I was growing up and took a boat to Morocco. I’m dying for the day I can go back to the Markets to source for a project!

4. My boyfriend Riley runs an apple orchard! And, if you were wondering, yes- we eat way too many apple pies...

5. I have a thing for coloured pantsuits and heels that I never get the chance to wear!

Still Here?

We can continue this convo whatever way is best for you!


- M