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Donato Decor designs for people who are craving a positive and individualized place to call home; a space that serves their family's needs and works with their unique lifestyle.


If you wish to transform your house into a home that fosters happiness, I can help you create exactly what you're looking for in a mindful way. I know how powerful a tool decor is in impacting the overall satisfaction of our lives and I'd love to show you its benefits!


Hi! I'm Michaela, the designer behind Donato Decor! Read on to find out more about how my business got started, the philosophies I stand by, and how to make life easier for you and your family! Thanks for stopping by! Xx

Why Choose Donato Decor?

If you've ever looked for a decorator or designer to help transform your home, chances are you've come across endless talented professionals wanting to get their hands on your space. Well, here’s how I stand out above the rest- I not only promise to help you create the home of your dreams in accordance with your needs, but I will also do it in a conscious way that will heighten the contentment you feel in your space. In my study of the psychology of decor, I analyzed many theories on how interior design can increase life satisfaction and overall happiness. Since then, I've come up with tested and tactile tips on how to make your home feel like your own personal carefree place. Everyone deserves a space that excites them and I want to show you how to create and maintain a home that provides you with just that. 


It's so much more than furniture and cushions to me, it’s tools to

get you smiling and feeling your best, every day.