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Bathroom Reno Done Right

And when I say pick everything, I mean eeeeverythinggg. If theres one thing about our design process that I love the most it's that we pick and choose every. single. finish before we break ground on any major reno or project. This means by the time tile is being ripped out all of the product has been ordered and is on site. It makes life sooo much easier and helps the project move along super efficiently. Bonus- it makes the contractor really happy!

If you're working with us, this is a major part of how we help- we decide and make all of the decisions up front so that when we come to you next after our initial consultation we have a complete design to go over with you. Then all you have to do is give the O.K. and step one is checked off!

One of the other ways we help these projects along is that we are the middle man between you and the contractor. This means we are asking all of the questions, coordinating schedules and ensuring everything stays on track.

If you're tackling this on your own however, it's always helpful to try and get an idea of your contractors general schedule. Keep in mind, things change and they change frequently so dont worry if the schedule goes off track. Being flexible is important but having an idea of whats going on when will make the process feel a little more pain-free…especially if you're a planner like me!

It can be really tempting during a reno to keep looking for more and more inspo or to second guess decisions you've already made but once you commit to a design, stick with it! It's when we start wavering from the original plan that things can look disconnected in the end. There's always going to be new ideas out there but if you stay true to yourself, your taste and go with a timeless design from the start I promise you'll be happy with the end result!


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