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It's My Birthdayyyyy

Usually, I avoid the spotlight like I avoid getting my picture taken but I celebrated my last birthday on the side of the road with a flat tire so I figured I'd try something new this year and do a little email-list get-to-know-me today instead.

It's also a way to re-introduce myself and celebrate this growing community of supportive people whole love pretty spaces as much as I do. Seriously- every time I get a notice that someone else has joined the email list I do a little happy dance.

So here we go, twenty-two things to know about me and my designs :

  1. I officially started Donato Design and Decor in 2018

  2. I could live on olives, fresh bread and old cheddar

  3. My favourite white paint colour is Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

  4. I took french all through school and I'm hoping someday I'll be able to use it while designing a country home somewhere in the french countryside (manifesting as we speak!!)

  5. I have a younger sister who has all the science brains in the fam- she's in her first year of vet school

  6. Thanks to my dad, who was injured in an accident, I know all about making homes accessible for different needs. And I saw firsthand how important it is to have a home designed around your life.

  7. I taught skiing and swimming all through my school days

  8. I love being around kids and have a soft spot for designing nurseries

  9. I first went to school for fashion design but since making the switch I haven't looked back

  10. As a kid I changed my outfit 574884 times before settling on what to wear…thank goodness my mom is patient

  11. I'd choose a slipcover every time

  12. I LOVE to cook- making dinner is my favourite time of day

  13. I'm a people pleaser, it drives my sister crazy

  14. I was never much of an animal person until we got our doggo Eddie last year- now I'm a sucker for any puppy dog face

  15. I'd also love to get a sheep

  16. I never remember to take pictures!!! Of memories, people or projects and I kick myself every time!!

  17. One of my goals is to transform a barn into an office and studio where I can present new designs and host clients- long term I'd even like to have a space available for clients to stay during the most chaotic parts of their renos

  18. I'm a true linen lover- clothes, drapery, bedding…

  19. You know those memes with the people who ask for help and then 30 seconds later do it themselves because they can't wait for a second more? Ya, that's me

  20. I'll never get rid of my paper agenda ✎

  21. I adore what I do

  22. Phewf! If you got through all that I owe you!!

And to you, who is responsible for at least one of my happy dances, thank you…And treat yourself to some cake today, birthday or not!


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