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My Fave DIY Home Cleaners

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Today I'm sharing my all time FAVOURITE (and super simple) diy home cleaners that you can make yourself to ensure you're keeping your space safe and clean (while all the Lysol products are sold out)! The best part is, it's a fun project you can do to help pass some time in a productive and creative way! Let me know what ones you try and how you liked them! OR if you have any recipes I could add to my list! (Bonus if you use reusable containers and eliminate some disposable plastics)

My Fave DIY Home Cleaners

Here we go...

#1. All Purpose Cleaner

All you need is:



-essential oils (I like lemon and lavender but you can use your favourites)

To make this cleaner all you have to do is combine water and vinegar 1:1 and then add 10-15 drops (each) of your favourite essential oils! Play around with it to get a scent you'll love. From here I prefer to use it from a glass spray bottle but if you wanted to just pour some onto a clean cloth and use it that way, that works too! And TADAA! It's that easy.

#2. Stainless Steel Cleaner

All you need is:

-rubbing alcohol or vinegar


-essential oils

-whatever cooking oil you've got on hand (I use olive, and not just because I love olives)

For this one, combine water and alcohol or vinegar in equal parts. Add half the amount of oil that you did water and then again add a few drops of your essential oil of choice! When you use this cleaner make sure you're wiping with the grain of the stainless steel and using a clean microfibre cloth. Buhhbyeee finger prints!

#3. Fabric Cleaner Spray (Waste Free)

All you need is:


-citrus peels

Start saving your citrus peels because now you can put them to good use! I keep a mason jar of white vinegar under the sink and anytime I have an orange or am done with a lemon I add the peels to the jar and let them sit. When I have a significant amount of peels that have fermented I fill a spray bottle with the liquid and spray away! I love this one because it helps keep laundry to a minimum but still gives me the comfort of knowing high traffic fabrics are disinfected and safe. These days I've been spraying sofa cushions and toss blankets with this every night before bed. So fresh!

#4. Dish Soap bar

All you need is:

-essential oil

-soap base (the more you have the bigger the block)

-dried herbs or lemon vest to flavour

This is a great cleaning DIY and an even better way to start living a little more sustainably. Melt the soap base in a pot on the stone and stir in your chosen essential oil and additives. Have fun with it! Sometimes I add dried flower petals, fruit peels or just leave it plain. When everything is melted and combined pour into any kind of mold. Depending on the shape you want you could use a muffin tin, bread pan (and cut into smaller chunks) or even a small bowl. I like to make this recipe in bulk to save time later. No more disposable dish soap bottles!!

#5. Pillow Mist

All you need is:


-witch hazel

-lavender essential oil

-tea tree oil

Last but not least this recipe focuses a little more on the self care part of cleaning rather than the practicality but I think that's just as important! Combine equal parts water and witch hazel and top up with both oils. The witch hazel and tea tree oil help keep your skin clear while the lavender helps create a calm atmosphere for sleep. Pairs best with a chamomile tea and a nature sounds playlist!

Well! That's all I've got for you right now but I'd LOVE to hear from you and see what cleaners you liked best and if you made any changes to the recipes here (because there's always room for improvement!). Oh! And one last thing! I know we've all been washing our hands like crazy but dont forget to throw a little moisturizer in every now and again too! Stay well my friend.


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