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Summer Home Checklist

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Summer Home Decor

How are you holding up out there? Hanging in? The world seems hard to navigate these days but remember- a little progress each day adds up to big results! Let’s all keep trekking together!

So with the hopes of adding some simplicity to your life and with the first day of summer right around the corner, I thought I’d put together a little checklist to help get our homes ready for the season full of boob sweat, cold drinks and thighs stuck to lounge chairs!

I know technically this shoulda kinda fall under the “spring cleaning” category but somehow I feel like even though I’ve been home since March “spring cleaning” time came and went and I’m still seeing dust bunnies that should probably be gone now...Either way, I love a good checklist, no matter the time of year!

Let me break it down for ya- This checklist is full of simple and easy home updates that, together, will give your space a quick summer refresh! Scroll down to see the list and to get started!

Summer Home Checklist

And there you have it!! A few things you can start on today so that tomorrow you can kick back on the patio! (anyone else swooning over that lounger in the picture above?!)

OH! And let me know what kinda progress you make! I’d love to see what ways you get your home summer-ready!

Thanks for reading!



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