Connection Chat

This courtesy phone call is our chance to get to know each other a little better. It gives me the opportunity to answer any questions you might have about Donato Decor and what services I can provide for you! Let's chat and find out how we can work together!


In-Home Consultation

& Colour Consults


This is phase one of my three-phase home makeover process! This meeting takes place on-site, takes up to two hours, and is our time to review the space, confirm work, and initiate ideas. Your budget is also discussed. Consultations include a thorough follow-up email with a mood board, outlined payment structure, my process description and proposal to move to phase two. Maybe a second set of eyes is all you need to get the ball rolling, or maybe you wanna tackle the next phase together; whatever you decide, I'd love to be part of the first step. Colour-specific consults also available. Contact for pricing. 

Sourcing, Styling &


(personal shopping)

I'll sort through all my top-quality suppliers to ethically and hand source exactly what you're looking for at the right price point. From dining tables, upholstery and sectionals, to drapery, wall coverings, bedding and everything in between, the perfect piece is out there and I'll find it for you! Fixed fee (hourly packages available).

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Full-Design &

Project Management

From start to finish (and beyond) I'm by your side! Using my three-phase, seven-step process, I help you tackle your home makeover with ease and efficiency. From initial design, layout planning and sourcing, hiring trades, ordering/purchasing product, attending appointments, and then all the fine details (organization, set up, decor selection, upkeep/maintenance)...I'll make sure your dream home becomes a long-term reality while sticking to your timeline and budget (Plus, I also ensure the final product works for your lifestyle and maximizes the happiness you feel every time you open the front door!). Fixed fee.

Virtual Design & Idea Packages

Do you like to be hands-on in your home make-overs or take a more DIY approach, but want a little help coming up with the perfect idea to get you going? Or is your budget perhaps a little tight right now? No matter the case, this service is a practical and affordable solution! I'll put together a thorough and personalized package of suggestions, phases and steps, a shopping list with possible sources, inspiration boards and advice that will help you achieve professional results on your own with the option to follow up with me anytime! Thank-you technology! Fixed fee.

Seasonal Decor, Event Decor & Outdoor Living

Gift Certificates & Day Rate

Booking a day together can be the perfect way to get some shopping done, finalize furniture placement, hang pictures or get all those nagging decor jobs done with a second set of hands and eyes! It's efficiency at its finest and is guaranteed to leave you feeling accomplished and satisfied! Gift certificates available by the hour, day or by service. Contact for pricing. 

Flow seamlessly between winter, spring, summer and fall with decor that is appropriate no matter the season! From Christmas urn arrangements, decor rentals, winter greenery, mantel displays and holiday table settings to outdoor upholstery and summer furniture, this service allows you to enjoy each season without worrying about transitioning your home month after month. Individual pricing.

Why it's Beneficial to Work with a Decorator:

A trained set of eyes

By hiring a professional you get to take advantage of their extensive training and experience so you ensure you're not missing anything! A trained set of eyes will catch things that might otherwise be overlooked. So even if you have the skills, knowledge and know exactly what you want, two sets of eyes are always better than one.

Trusted sources 

When it comes to needing other contractors to see a project through, you won't have to worry about finding a trusted name because you'll have full access to the designer's tried and true network. Your designer is also the perfect link between you and other contractors so no messages get lost in translation.

Save time and money 

No wasting resources by buying something that won't work in your space, doesn't fit, or falls apart after a few months. This frustration is totally eliminated! You can also save all the hours and energy you'd spend scrolling through catalogues because the designer will know exactly where to look for your perfect piece. Working with a decorator will help you manage your budget by assessing exactly where the money would be best spent and where spending can be curbed. This way we ensure things are done right the first time. 

Exclusive access 


Did you know designers have access to different suppliers and manufacturers than the general public? AND discounted pricing from some suppliers the public does have access to? Well it's true! By working with a designer you get the full VIP treatment.

Getting your home to its full potential


  I find when we stare at one space for so long we stop seeing it for what it is and sometimes miss hidden potential! Hiring a designer will ensure you get the most out of your makeover.